The Department of Emergency medicine is the face of our hospital. It is the one of fastest evolving branches around the world. The Department provides high standards in diagnosing and management of acute and critical aspects of illness and injury affecting all age groups.

OUR FACILITIES INCLUDE                                                                                                                           

  • Ultrasound, Echo, and Doppler facilities available round the clock.

  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilatory management

  • Isolation rooms

  • Portable X-ray machine, Defibrillations, Syringe pumps and laryngoscope

  • Minor Operation Theater, separate zones for Pediatric patients

  • Customer Care and Emergency Medical Services

  • Almost patient privacy maintained by well separated  beds with monitoring facilities .

  • 24 hours Ancillary services for Pharmacy, Laboratory, Blood bank and CT services

  • Services offered 24 x 7 (365 days)

WE ARE SPECIALIZED IN GIVING HIGH STANDARDS OF CARE IN:                                                             

  • Acute Medical and Surgical Emergencies

  • Paediatric Emergency Medicine

  • Critical Care Medicine

  • Medical toxicology

  • Trauma Care

  • Disaster Management

  • Emergency Medical Services